Billing only one percent of total water users, within the United States alone, could produce an estimated $55 million per month in credit/debit card payment processing.

Advertising revenues from website ad placements, and on payment notification emails would exceed payment processing income.

We are seeking a buyer(s), or investor(s) to participate in developing this concept. Our domain names provide a unique opportunity to make this web portal known, and recognized in the U.S., as well as in the E.U.

WaterSupply.Com, as a web portal designed specifically for consumers to pay their water bills, would, with as few as eight water district clients, provide access to one percent of the nation’s total users.

We are building WaterSupply.Com into a web portal designed specifically for consumers to pay their water bills through desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The portal automatically manipulates web page presentation style to the optimum for the users’ screen sizes regardless of the device used. In addition to skills related to presentation via the web, our staff also possess many decades of experience in municipal water supply and treatment.

This industry experience allows us to note that as few as eight water district clients can provide one percent of the nation’s total users. Those eight water districts would be chosen because they provide water to 150,000, or more users. With only eight clients, chosen by the size of their user base, we can obtain access to approximately one million households, and create an estimated $55 million per month in payment processing.

Those revenues are not the largest benefit to the concept. Just one percent of the total number of users provides continuous access to roughly one million households.

Advertising revenues would exceed payment processing income simply because we're accessing consumers from all walks of life. Each month, courtesy emails will be sent three times. Once to announce that a consumer's bill is ready for review, second to announce the intent to process their payment for the current month’s statement, and third to announce that payment has been processed. Each email provides the opportunity to present properly targeted advertisements, and each email could contain three advertisements.

Common to most of internet commerce platforms, we will also utilize tracking cookies to assist our advertisers in targeting the most effective products to display to our millions of clients.

Water districts must provide certain water quality alerts and reports to their consumers. We provide districts all such legally required communications in the form of a reverse 911 email, or cell phone text, notification capability. We also provide private communication apps between all districts personnel in order that they may engage in synergistic solutions to reoccurring water quality contaminations, or design failures.

The following domain names are included in this program. Each now point to the the primary of WaterSupply.Com, except YourWaterSupply.Com, which has taken over as the location for our newsletter. All will have their own individual presence, as the markets are developed.

You may click on the logos for a larger view. Turn smartphones horizontally for best viewing.

WaterSupply.Com Serving the United States, but Primary to all names below:

CAWaterSupply.Com Canadian Water Supply, Serving the Canadian Provinces, and will be available in English, and French.

EUWaterSupply.Com European Union Water Supply in numerous languages.

JapanWaterSupply.Com Can be entered in Japanese into any browser's address bar.

YourWaterSupply.Com Another for ease of memory, and the new site for our newsletter.

I want to keep this introduction as short as possible, but I am willing to discuss this in greater detail.

A model of this payment system may be viewed at:
The menu tabs, atop this page, will also deliver you to the demonstration pages.

If you, or any individual you may suggest, should have interest, I can provide additional details of the plan, and our goals.

For more information, and my email address, please use our contact page.

Thank you for your time, and consideration,

Dave Murray

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